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The Importance of Estate and Succession Planning

The following link is an article published by one of our Directors, Patrick Spiteri on the Sunday Times of Malta, highlighting the Importance of Estate and Succession Planning.   The Importance of Estate and Succession Planning.  

Office Closure – COVID-19

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact the global and local community, we would like to inform our esteemed clientele that effective from Monday 16th EWS Trustees will be putting in place remote working measures. In the current environment, the health and safety of everyone is a shared responsibility and one that we take very […]

Collections held in Trust

Classic cars, fine art, antiques and books are possibly the things that come to mind when we mention collectables. Building a collection of valuable items involves time and dedication, as well as a sizeable financial investment. More often than not, there is a significant emotional attachment to one’s collection. The time spent in researching and […]

Family Businesses held in Trusts

Historically family businesses have been the backbone of our country’s economy. Research conducted through a nationwide statistical survey specifically commissioned for the purposes of adopting the Family Business Act which was enacted in 2016, showed that in Malta 98% of all businesses are micro, small and medium sized enterprises with the greater majority of these […]

Holding Financial Investment in Trusts

When we hear the word ‘investments’ our thoughts go to stocks and shares which may produce gains or losses.  We tend to stop at this basic level of understanding without delving any deeper, so as not to get lost in the increased complexities that surround the subject of financial investment. These complexities together with the […]

Real Estate in Trusts

Statistically, real estate is the biggest investment in our personal estates.  Specifically, our residential home would be our most valued possession, as it goes without saying, that typically, we invest heavily in our residence. On the other hand, immoveable are not solely used as our primary residence but also an investment. Historically, an immoveable property […]

Trusts:  Practical scenarios

When we talk about Trusts we often think about fancy and complex structures which will exclusively benefit the ultra-rich and which find no place in the more ordinary realities which less wealthy people live in.  This cannot be more distant from the truth. In actual fact, trusts help in dealing with very common circumstances in […]

Trusts: An estate planning solution

Families, and their estates can be complex for a variety of reasons. Such complexities are not only a direct result of the nature and size of the estate itself but the number of family members as well as the dynamics of the relationship between them, may add to the complexity. In such complex scenarios why […]

Trusts and their use as Estate Planning Tools

A Trust is a legal arrangement whereby assets are transferred from a person called ‘the Settlor’, to another person called ‘the Trustee’ for the purpose of holding such assets ‘Trust assets’ as owner but for the benefit of others called the ‘Beneficiaries. Trusts can be used as an estate or succession planning tool for families, […]