Escrow Agent Services

As an authorised fiduciary, EWS Trustees can offer escrow agent services in a commercial (or non commercial) transaction between independent parties. This is particularly relevant in situations where the parties to a transaction are not very familiar with the commercial activities and business practices carried out by each other and therefore require an independent professional party to act as an intermediary to a transaction as a form of security.

EWS Trustees as an escrow agent, ensures that the transfer of funds or other property (including valuable documentation relating to a transaction) between the parties to an agreement only takes place upon the happening of a number of conditions as agreed to between the parties and the escrow agent, thus giving rise to a flexible solution that provides an added means of security during the closing of a transaction. When acting as escrow agent EWS Trustees act as an independent third party, in accordance with the terms as agreed to between the relevant parties and. our overall aim is to keep this process as smooth and efficient as possible for all parties concerned.

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