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Meet your Professional Trustees

The effectiveness of the arrangement we devise for you, all depends on your personal situation.
We, EWS Trustees as Professional Fiduciaries, invest ample time and efforts in listening to you and learning about your circumstances.

Once we are clear on your needs and wishes, we assess and devise a plan on how such goals can be achieved.

Such plan is thereafter discussed with you and upon your satisfaction and agreement we will proceed with its implementation.

Management and administration is thereafter the key to the effective implementation of the plan. We are happy to involve other Professionals at any point in time (when needed) to make sure we have the right expertise around the table.

Moreover, we, EWS Trustees, endeavour in developing the relationship to a more personal level, with a view towards becoming partners with you in the administration of your estate.

At a glance

Our extensive knowledge and experience will be made at your disposal in ensuring that your desired out comes are achieved even with regards to future generations.


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We learn about your needs


We design a solution


We implement the plan


We become your Partners