The administration of Trusts, Foundations and similar arrangements may be cumbersome. The applicable regulations impose numerous ever-changing requirements and high standards, making a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory framework one is operating in, paramount. Having adequate systems becomes crucial In ensuring efficient but compliant operations.

The operational framework of such service providers needs to be structured in a way that allows and promotes simplicity, consistency and technicality. Having the appropriate Systems in place, together with strong and effective policies and procedures implemented through a robust governance framework are core to achieving this.

Running such an operation and structuring it in this manner requires a substantial capital investment together with the necessary technical skills and expertise.

EWS Trustees have been administering Trusts and Foundations for many years. This has allowed us to build the necessary knowledge and experience required to formulate and implement a well-structured and compliant modus operandi.

We offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience in the administration of fiduciary structures by taking over the day-to-day administration of Trusts and Foundations. Such a set-up offers a number of advantages:

• The relationship remains with the Trustee, allowing Trustees to focus more on their client relationships and on the expansion of their business relationships;
• Lower administration costs;
• Professional trustees remain administering the arrangement;
• Dilutes the capital investment
• Removes the burden of managing an operation and all that comes with it, including the human resources and IT elements.

Our Process


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We implement the plan


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